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-Twin Cities

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"Sophie will be a year old in October of 2017. She joined our family in December of 2016 and has been with us nearly every single second since then! Sophie loves to travel and will be sleeping before you hit 25 miles per hour. She also loves to ride around in the work truck all day and get looks and pettings from the workers! Sophie isn't much of a barker except when she thinks we are being robbed! She also hates the water and loves to play with dogs of all shapes and sizes."

"Our Sweet Harley who we took home on July 1st is Beautiful"

"This is Bella. We got her her at fpaat last Easter. She is the most amazing dog ever! She is the alpha wolf of the pack and she makes sure everyone knows it. She has definitely won the hearts of everyone in our family."

"We have three dogs that we have purchased from your store. Two from when it was called Pet Ranch, and one from the new store. We love our dogs from your company - couldn't have asked for better animals. Daisy, Zoey and Sadie have been the healthiest most loving cocker spaniels ever. I can't thank you enough for the love that we have gotten from our pets"

"This spunky girl is Pipkin (AKA Pippie). We got her this February after stalking her for a few weeks. We love our sweet morkie!"

"We took Gracie home almost 4 years ago. She has a ton of energy and loves to chase balls. She is happy and healthy and enjoyed by all."

"This is Moka - our Yorkie Shih Tzu who joined our family in April of 2013. Moka is full of personality and you can always count on him to cuddle. He has always been very healthy and active. Don't let his size fool you... He loves biking, roller blading, and bossing around his German Shepherd brother!"

Anton likes to think he's a redhead. 

It's not often Winston and Flower are willing to sit still, but this day, they were both ready for their close-up! Thanks, Four Paws and a Tail! 

“I’m not usually the type of person to write reviews but I have to let everyone know about the wonderful puppy we got from Four Paws and a Tail. He is a cockapoo and we’ve had him for a week. He is so lovable and well-mannered already! Many of the other puppies in his puppy class are from “breeders”, but let me tell you he is the most well behaved dog in his puppy class! We had him at our vet and she said he is a wonderful, healthy puppy. We have a 1 year old at home and the puppy is so good with him, except for leaving his toys alone!! Potty training has been going amazingly well. Your Four Paws and a Tail puppy will love other dogs right away because they are used to being with other dogs already. The staff there was so patient with me while I made up my mind to choose my puppy (I visited him a few times before I got him!) When you choose a puppy from Four Paws, they give you all the details about where your puppy came from and his complete medical history. I am so glad I got my puppy from Four Paws and a Tail!”

-Lisa C.

"2 year old Miniature Pinscher, Ushi. The Baddest dogo around"

"We had no idea driving to the cities to attend a MN Wild hockey game we would leave with a puppy. We have owned Zini for only a short time but she has been a wonderful addition to our home. She is 7 months old so still a puppy with so much energy! I take her on my walk/runs and she is becoming quite a 'lake dog'. We are so happy she is part of our family!"

 Heidi and Dave

"Meet Bailey! She is a 12 year-old Bichon/Lhasa mix that we got when it was still Pet Ranch. She is my best friend and the sweetest dog ever. Thank you so much!"

We bought our little Teddy almost 4 years ago at Four Paws and a Tail and he has been the best thing to ever happen to us! If you are looking to buy a puppy I highly recommend Four Paws!

-Twin Cities

"I have bought 3 pets from Four Paws and all of them are wonderful, beautiful, and loving animals. My longhaired Chihuahua, Cisco, is the light of my life. He's the sweetest and most gentle dog someone could ask for. He's 2 years old this August! Maya, our German shepherd border collie mix is so very smart good with everybody. She just turned 1 this spring. Our Persian mix, Cleo, is the sweetest and funniest cat around. We love the store and will definitely be back for our next fur baby."

"This is my Malti-Poo Tanner, I got him at Four Paws and a Tail in 2008. He is the best dog anyone could ever ask for!!!"

Thank you everyone at Four Paws and a Tail. I got my Bailey girl just about two years ago and she is amazing specially with my son. Thank you so much for helping to find a dog for our home.



-Cedar, MN

My husband and I purchased a shitzhu/bichon mix at the beginning of august after much research and inquiries elsewhere at puppies. I have never bought at a pet store before and was a little leery. We were interested in a little Maltese mix and wanted to think about it before spending that kind of money. The owner said they would put it on hold for an hour. We returned an hour and a half later and found the puppy had just been sold. The owner was so kind and let us look for another puppy and would honor the price of the first one. We found a puppy that we fell in love with. Murphy came home to the U.P. the next day. He rode in my arms for the 8 hour trip home (he was NOT going home in a crate) He has been the greatest addition to our family of 3 teens, a 13 year old sheltie mix, a 2 year old cat, and a parakeet. He is a total comedian, thinks he's the funniest thing ever. Murphy is a total momma's boy. We went to the vet the day after we got home.  Dr.Olson said he is perfect and handsome. He is completely potty trained (outside). Yay! And he sleeps on momma's head. 
I would get another pet from FPAAT again in a heartbeat, even when you're 8 hours from my home. My parents are looking for a new older puppy after they lost their pom a few months ago. I am recommending them to you! Murphy is the best baby ever! Everyone loves him! Thank you so very much. My experience with you was exceptional.

-Lin, U.P., Michigan

120 Northtown Drive

Blaine, MN 55434

(At Northtown Mall - click for map)

(763) 786-0139 (Voice)

(763) 786-0309 (FAX)


puppies with
families since 1972
Monday - Saturday:
10 am - 8 pm
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Morning means... PLAYTIME!

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