Our Sources

All of our puppies come from USDA licensed breeders.

As a matter of fact, Four Paws and a Tail was part of the group instrumental in the passage of new state laws that require more stringent oversight of kennels, ensuring breeding dog care and safeguarding their health, resulting in a better puppy for you. We also do not support the neighbor who chose to breed their pet. The amount of knowledge about genetics and husbandry we expect is far beyond what a layperson possesses. A professional dog breeder is just that, a professional..

What’s most important is that we partner with experienced breeders who breed quality dogs, resulting in, for the pet owner, beautiful puppies that mature into fantastic adult dogs. The physical traits of each breed are clearly represented. The cockers look like cockers. The chihuahuas look like chihuahuas. Our breeders only choose reliable-temperament dogs for their program. Their reputations are on the line, too. Personality traits are equally as inherited as coat color and size. A skittish mama will give you a skittish puppy. That simple fact is crucial to breeding a quality dog.

We have researched, approved, and have continued to work with our USDA licensed breeders for many years. Our requirements are demanding, and we only purchase from the best. You AND the puppies deserve the best. The parents of the puppies we sell are healthy, loved, properly cared for, and have had top-of-the-line vet care. They are not just caged animals. We so strongly believe in the quality of the puppies we buy that we health-guarantee them for a full year. We guarantee this is how we do business. Four Paws and a Tail has been providing puppies at Northtown Mall for over 50 years. We have been here in this location, and will continue to be here for a long time to come. We are proud of the fact our largest customer base has always been next-dog repeats and referrals.

Since we buy from high-end breeders, our puppies cost more. Factor in carefully chosen adults, quality food, quality supplies, multiple vaccines, and multiple vet visits. Our pups have received significantly more care than “their first shot”. All are up-to-date on numerous vaccinations regardless of age. All are treated with a puppy parasite program developed in partnership with our veterinarian that continues when the puppy goes home. A prescription dewormer is sent home with every puppy at no additional cost. We use shredded paper in our kennels because it’s cleaner (and keeps the puppies cleaner) and more comfortable. It’s also more expensive and time-consuming to operate this way. This is not standard procedure for all pet stores, but we feel it is the right thing to do. We do business this way because we love animals and want to provide a top-quality puppy at a reasonable price, and ensure the new owners will have a great experience with their new pet.

Upon any purchase of a puppy in our store, you will not only receive information about the breeder, but a record that shows the puppy’s veterinary history, the names of the parents, and more. We do this because you deserve to look at a large selection of healthy puppies and subsequently choose the breed and gender that best suits your family.

Trust is vital: We trust the breeders we source from to provide us with top-quality puppies; you trust us to give your puppy top-notch care; and we trust you to take your puppy and give it the loving, safe home it deserves.