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Here, we'll discuss the differences between the pet rescue movement and the retail pet industry, how they impact you, and the choices you have.


Buying a puppy at a retail pet store has become a defendable choice in many circles. The idea of "pet rescue" has become the only option for some. We applaud the concept of rehoming a pet in need of rescue. For many families, this option creates a sense of personal pride and provides stories to share.


For successful placements, the rewards are boundless. Unsuccessful pairings, however, can result in finger-pointing and force the pet back to a new beginning, leaving the family devastated.


As a pet store, we do not feel qualified or confident in entering the world of rescue. After researching, we found that need to have been filled. A new rescue climate has emerged. "Retail Rescue" has evolved, and the ethics driving this movement are blurred and a far cry from simply saving pets dropped off at a shelter. There are now hundreds of shelters and rescues offering whatever you may request. As with any social movement...follow the money.


Instead, we opt to run a clean, honest and upstanding retail store, still family-owned, still in the same mall for generations. Retail rules of success still apply. Customer service, selection, confidence in the quality of our pets, written warranty and a passion for what we do still matter.


Believing our typical customers are qualified to own a pet, home-visits and financial disclosures are not needed. Common sense and a few questions have been sufficient for decades. 

We offer a wide selection of puppies and kittens for you to enjoy. Our staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Our sources are local and well known to us, our care protocol ensures proper treatment and care. Experience and a fantastic team of vets has schooled us in proper veterinary care. Food and water schedules, housing, socialization and grooming, respect and love for animals enhance our mission. Our Better Business Bureau A+ rating, the fact that our sales are based on referrals and repeat customers, and our longevity are all testimonials to our way of doing business.

Puppy prices have skyrocketed in the last year. Ask a breeder how much it costs to produce a healthy, 8-week old puppy. Start with quality breeding parents, genetic testing, comfortable housing, premium food, proper vet care and licensing. Add the general increase in what it costs to run a business. They (and we) also pay insurance, electricity, heating costs, wages, license fees and rent. More rigorous USDA inspections and now Minnesota licensing have improved the few remaining breeders and forced the marginal ones to close. We all pay for that, and the system is finally working, for a price.

Adding a pet to your life is a happy occasion, regardless of the source. Rest assured that the puppy mill does not provide our pups; the rescue machine is huge and in place.


A well-bred puppy from a professional breeder is worth celebrating. Don't let activists fill you with unfounded fear. Find comfort in the idea that you can still choose your pet; that right has not been taken away in Minnesota, except the city of Roseville, as it has in some other states.


It would be wise to question what you read on the Internet and hear from your neighbor. You may be surprised to find things are not what they seem.


Consider discarding and revising any antiquated perceptions about where pet store puppies come from, who buys them, and understand that many rescue organizations are businesses much like ours. These businesses follow a new set of rules (if any) governing warrantees and limited ownership requirements. 

We look forward to serving the next generation of satisfied pet owners who opt for a professionally-bred puppy from a reliable, transparent source, providing full disclosure. We offer ideology-free, uncomplicated, straightforward pet ownership, based on a trusting relationship with our breeders and our customers. 


It's what we've always done - it's who we are.

120 Northtown Drive

Blaine, MN 55434

(At Northtown Mall - click for map)

(763) 786-0139 (Voice)

(763) 786-0309 (FAX)

puppies with
families since 1972
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Morning means... PLAYTIME!

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