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 Minnesota’s Last Pet Store Selling Puppies Is Thriving Despite Pandemic, Protests 

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The flourishing import market poses genuine health threats 

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 When 'Puppy Mill Rescue' Blurs The Line Between Saving And Selling Dogs  

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The US has become a dumping ground for foreign ‘puppy mill’ and ‘rescue’ dogs. Here’s what needs to change

 SHOULD PET STORES SELL ONLY "RESCUE" ANIMALS?  Click here to read the article.

 ANIMAL SHELTERS BUYING DOGS FROM "PUPPY MILLS"  Click link to read the article:

While countless dogs go to the gas chamber, a “rescue” group pays thousands to save a single pedigreed dog.

 THE LOOMING DOG SHORTAGE  Click link to read the article: 

The United States will need millions of additional dogs a year to keep pace with the growing number of households...

 THE TRUTH ABOUT RETAIL RESCUE  Click link to read The Washington Post article: 

Dog rescuers, flush with donations, buy animals from the breeders they scorn...

 CANINE INFLUENZA  Canine influenza is a contagious respiratory disease in dogs caused by Type A influenza virus.  Four Paws and a Tail vaccinates all our puppies against this disease: 

Canine influenza back on list of reportable diseases

 BREEDER LICENSING:  The following is information about Minnesota's new Breeder Licensing program. Four Paws and a Tail was supportive in the process of passage of this important bill. We worked on it for many years, and made numerous trips to the State Capital as part of our involvement in this process:

Minnesota Board of Animal Health Licensing Standards

The USDA dictates the regulations that our breeders must follow.

USDA AWA/APHIS Regulations

 PET STORE REGULATION:  These are the minimum standards required of pet stores:


As of September 2013, the USDA removed the Pet Store exemption from some individuals. Commercial standards may now apply to "home breeders" who sell puppies over the internet.


USDA Retail Pet Store Regulation


Because of you, and our industry, puppy mills can no longer legally exist in the state of Minnesota.

 HEALTHY PET INSPECTIONS:  Certificates of Veterinary Inspection help keep Minnesota’s Cat and Dog Populations Healthy. Click the PDF icon below to read the Minnesota Board of Animal Health's statement on this issue.






Click below to visit links to issues and information of interest to pet owners

There is a battle going on between animal rights groups, those who oppose the "production" of pets for sale to the public, and breeders and pet retailers. Click the button to read more.

120 Northtown Drive

Blaine, MN 55434

(At Northtown Mall - click for map)

(763) 786-0139 (Voice)

(763) 786-0309 (FAX)

puppies with
families since 1972
Monday - Saturday:
10 am - 8 pm
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Morning means... PLAYTIME!

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