Should Pet Stores Sell Only "Rescue" Animals?

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Here are the FACTUAL statistics of the activities in 2016-17 and how they relate to pet store "bans":

How many USDA licensed and inspected kennels are in the USA? 1508 (as of 2017). How many puppies do they produce and sell a year? They ONLY produced 337,000 pets.

How many "rescues" or shelters are inspected and have a USDA license? ZERO.

How many "rescues" or shelters are inspected using the 147 pages of USDA care standards and maintain an AWA compliant facility? ZERO. Rescues and shelters have kept themselves EXEMPT from ANY USDA care standards.

How many pets do shelters SELL a year? 3.2 million. How many pets do "rescues" SELL a year? 4.5 million.

An adoption fee is money changing hands in exchange for a pet and is therefore defined as a SALE. You adopt a child; you BUY a dog.

How many animals in USA shelters were euthanized? 1.5 million of which ONLY 670,000 were dogs.

How many dogs did "rescues" IMPORT into the USA from foreign countries for resale? In 2018, they IMPORTED ONE MILLION animals that displaced our shelter pets.

Can pet stores buy from “puppy mills”? NO. Pet stores MUST only buy from USDA licensed and inspected facilities. How many "rescues" and shelters have a USDA license? ZERO.

Wouldn’t bans be forcing a legal pet store business to sell “illegal” products? YES. By law “rescues” and shelters will have to obtain a USDA license.

Are “bans” violating antitrust laws allowing the "rescue" industry to become a monopoly? Yes. It will be prohibiting free market and interstate commerce in favor of one “type” of supplier. It is also unconstitutional and a violation of the store owners’ liberties and right to the pursuit of happiness.

Are USDA puppies guaranteed from a pet store? YES. Society, at this time, is protected by a “lemon law” against sickness or congenital defects and are afforded a refund on limited vet bills and purchase of affected animal.

Are "rescue" or shelter dogs guaranteed? NO, they are EXEMPT from "lemon laws" and do NOT have to refund you your vet bills or the purchase price of your pet.

Do pet stores pay taxes that contribute to our communities? YES. They provide thousands of dollars every month to be used in your state.

Do "rescues" or shelters contribute tax dollars? NO. They are "tax" EXEMPT and do NOT contribute taxes for our schools or roads.

Will a ban stop any illegal breeding of dogs or puppies? NO. Illegal facilities can NOT legally sell to a pet store at this time.

Can “rescues” purchase puppies or dogs for resale? YES. They may purchase from ANY breeder (legal or illegal) or country and a “ban” will then ALLOW them to place these animals for sale tax-free in the stores.

Who can obtain a 501 c 3? ANYBODY may get a 501 c 3 non-profit license including ANY breeder (legal or illegal). Pet store "bans" will legally ALLOW the sale of tax-exempt animals who are also EXEMPT from USDA care standards.

Here is additional information supporting FACTS above:…/hsusrebutalfixed%20version%… 


To adopt or shop should be YOUR choice to make and not a legislator who does NOT reside at your home.


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